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date: sat, 8 nov 2003 01:31:27 est
subject: [ig-news] ig in co

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at  these reviews are for the co
shows last week, denver on nov 1 & colorado springs on nov 3...]


michelle opened the show.  she was a huge hit.  won the crowd over.  and, i'm
told, sold out of her cds!  very cool.

ig set was great.  not the best show i've ever seen, but a really good one.
best of all was the crowd.  boulder/denver is a great market for them.  it was
the kind of crowd where most of the people knew most of the words to most of
the songs.  they could stop singing at any time and the crowd could (and did)
take over.

again, the set list was as follows:
shame (w/ mm)
become you
perfect world - a
free in you - e
oz (w/ mm)
fill it up again - e
ctf (w/ mm)
virginia woolf
chickenman (w/ bitterroot)


plus, dairy queen was in there, somewhere.

other comments:  hands down, the highlight of the show, imo, was land of
canaan (by request, i think).  wood song was a treat as well.  the new material is
very strong.  i particularly liked fill it up and perfect world.  given my
druthers, i'd rather hear language or the kiss over deconstruction.  oz never
does much for me.  shame on you does really well early in the set.  (i think it
would make a great set opener.)  i'm glad go has been a keeper.  chickenman, i
could still do without.  that said, at least it was in my favorite form -
acoustic and with bitterroot.

i think that's about it.


then monday, it was off to colorado springs (an hour + s of denver).  it was
the first time they've ever played down there.  pretty much the opposite
environment of the fillmore.  theater rather than a club.  reserved, rather than
ga.  seated, rather than standing.  instead of a crowd that knew all of the
words, we had a crowd that hardly knew any of the words.  instead of a full house,
the place was only about 2/3 full.

much to my surprise, in spite of a crowd that insisted on sittin down (ugh!),
it was a great show.  overall, much better than the fillmore, imo.  i think
it must be that without a fanatical crowd, they had to work harder.  or maybe
it was that they had a day off.  who knows?

i was in pretty much the same spot.  frc, between a&e.  i had tracked down
2nd, 3rd, and 4th row, but it wasn't until the week before that i finally scored
my coveted frc tix.  whew!

michelle was great, again.  not nearly as strong a response, but no surprise,
in light of the setting.

like i said, a&e's set was fabulous.

become you
fill it up again - e
oz (w/ mm)
let it be me
dairy queen - a
coming home (?) - e
free in you - e
perfect world - a
ctf (w/ mm)
love is a kindness / make it last (?) - a
i don't wanna know (w/ mm)
collecting you
chickenman (w/ bitterroot) (w/ mm)


great, great setlist.  renunion and watershed were definitely the highlights
for me.  i may have left my body during reunion.  and it was just perfect that
they played it that night, as i had quoted a line from the song in
conversation with my friend andy on our way down.  and finally, we got watershed in co.
thank you marci!  i hope it makes the regular rotation.

go, watershed, and yield, one after another, was transcendent.  let it be me
and ghost were both nice surprises, as was i don't wanna know.  it's the first
time in my many shows that i've seen idwk.  it wasn't as good as i had
anticipated, but i did enjoy it.

the song with the unknown title was amy's solo slot.  i requested lucystoners
(mostly hoping for anything but johnny).  she was pleased at my suggestion,
but had her mind set on trying out something new.  it's clearly a song in
progress.  i don't know for sure, but i doubt it's on the album (unless it gets
added on).  i had a favorable first impression.

i think that's it on specific comments.  great show.  great night.  brutal
fucking drive.  barely made it home.  still recovering.  :-)

thanks to all of my old and new friends who were there.  it was great to be



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