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  [ig-news] tonight's denver fillmore show  ["marci dahms" <mdahms@hotmail.c]


date: sun, 2 nov 2003 01:11:45 -0700
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subject: [ig-news] tonight's denver fillmore show

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i'm not much for giving reviews, but tonight's show was fantastic!
michelle malone rocked as the opener, and she also joined the girls
on about 4 songs. amy and emily weren't very chatty, but they played
a good setlist:

hammer & nail
shame on you (with michelle malone)
get out the map
become you
power of two
perfect world (new amy song)
free in you (new emily song)
ozilline (with michelle)
dairy queen
fill it up again
closer to fine (with michelle)
virginia woolf
chickenman/bitterroot (with michelle)
johnny rotten

it was a great crowd for the most part (with the exception of a
couple of really drunk girls at the front). lots of audience singing
and dancing.

after the show, emily came out in the cold and signed autographs, but
amy went straight onto the bus without as much as a wave. but i got a
setlist, and at least emily signed it! i asked her to play watershed
monday night in co springs (since they haven't played it in denver as
long as i can remember) and she said she would try to remember. yeah!
michelle malone signed her cd for me. overall, a wonderful night!
can't wait until monday.

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