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  [ig-news] re: emily duet?              ["kat ownby" <>]


date: tue, 23 sep 2003 06:27:49 -0400
from: "kat ownby" <>
subject: [ig-news] re: emily duet?

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>i've heard that emily does a duet with cathy richardson on her new
>does anyone know anything about this? or have an mp3 of it?

she does it's on a song called blindsided by love, that is on
cathy's new cd road to bliss. she came out when cathy opened for
sugarland at the variety playhouse on 9/4/03 and sang it with her.
the song was written by cathy and kristen hall.  i don't know if
there is an mp3 of it but there might be a snipet of it at cathy's
honestly the cd is worth the purchase.. i've had it for about 3 weeks
now and it hasn't left my cd player.

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