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  [ig-news] north carolina hte date with the dixie chicks and ben folds  [in]


date: wed 10-sep-2003 2:37am
subject: [ig-news] north carolina hte date with the dixie chicks and ben folds

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hey y'all,

according to ticketmaster, ig will be playing an hte benefit at some
ampitheater in charlotte, nc with the dixie chicks and ben folds.    it will be on 10
oct.  tickets for members of the dixie chicks fanclub go on sale tomorrow (no
comment about that one).  tickets for everyone else go onsale on saturday
through ticketmaster.

just passing along what i saw...

:-) karen

"if you can't see beyond the myth of isolation
and the miracle of daybreak doesn't move you anymore
connect the points and see the constellations
as the night comes down on the reservoir"
- -- amy ray (indigo girls), "perfect world" (new song... *sigh* they just keep
getting better!)

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