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date: thu 28-aug-2003 3:41pm
subject: [ig-news] re: atlanta

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not enough time to do a proper review of the show, they did many new songs and
the stable of songs that you (unfortunately) hear every show. [...]

perhaps better than the ig show on saturday was the atl. harm reduction center
benefit at the red light cafe on sunday. amy played two new songs, or at
least ones that i had not heard. one was on the mandolin which she said she
wrote in alaska. they held an auction for the opportunity to sing an ig song
accompanied by amy and michelle malone. the guy that won did shame on you.
and i might add that he was a highlight as he was obviously passionate about
the cause. i really dropped the ball on this one as i decided to sit back and
enjoy the show rather than record it. so if anyone did record i'd like a
copy. if i remember correctly they all(kevn kinney, michelle malone, kristen
hall and amy) played 4 songs each plus shame on you. so in addition to the 2
new ones, she played lucy stoners after which she apologied to kevn. funny!
and she also played another solo song maybe late bloom. it was only 4 days
ago you'd think that i would remember. anyway, the show closed with the times
they are a changin', with amy accompanying kevn kinney with her mandolin. a
good show for a cause that is misunderstood.



on thursday 28 august 2003 02:51 pm, you wrote:
> any reviews of the atlanta show at the new gwinnet venue????

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