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  [ig-news] chautauqua 8/8/03 review  ["indigo lover" <chicken_man2@hotmail.]


date: sat, 9 aug 2003 11:50:02 -0400
from: "indigo lover" <>
subject: [ig-news] chautauqua 8/8/03 review

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

hey all=

i posted this on the bbs also.

incredible show! i can fully declare that emily is out of her writing funk.
the song writing on the new record is amazing. we got 6 new songs, none of
which i heard before (although one or two have been played before i think).
setlist below. they were in high spirits coming out of 2 months in the
studio. the sound needed to be louder but hey, when you play in the middle
of a village (the chat institute is quite an amazing place), i guess it
can't be too loud.

i just can't believe how good the song writing is. i think this is the
record they wanted to make last time. em's songs are so much more upbeat the
and the melodies are incredible. her songwriting was good on by but nothing
like this. these songs are amazing in their rare acoustic format, most
likely will be over produced on the record, but hey, that is why we got the
acoustic tours and i have my taping gear!! :))) heh heh.


setlist: if someone has the names of the new songs, repost if you like. i
need to listen back.

01. get out the map
02. three hits (yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!)
03. hammer and a nail
04. become you
05. deconstruction
06. let me go easy (amy)
07. freein you (emily)
08. yeild
09. power of two (crowd finally started to dance)
10. shame on you (really dancing now)
11. wood song
12. new song (amy)
13. new song (emily)
14. gone again
15. collecting you
16. new song (amy)
17. closer to fine (with kim's band)
18. chickenman~bitterroot
19. new song (emily)
20. starkville
21. galileo

all in all, they played for about 1:40. lots of song requests and they said
they will learn them all for tomorrow. lets hope. [...]

ninja out.

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