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  [ig-news] want to sing with amy???                  []


date: thu 24-jul-2003 8:39pm
subject: [ig-news] want to sing with amy???

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
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now's your chance...

presents benefit for atlanta harm reduction
  for immediate release
  august 2003
  atlanta, ga
  daemon records presents benefit for atlanta harm reduction center featuring
amy ray, kevn kinney, michelle malone, and kristen hall
  atlanta, ga: on sunday august 24, local independent record label daemon
records presents the second installment of what daemon plans to be a number
of regularly produced events to benefit other local organizations and non-profit
groups.  the event begins at 8:00pm at the red light cafi and will feature
local legendary songwriters in the round.  performers include
   amy ray, label founder and member of indigo girls, kevn kinney of drivin'
n' cryin', michelle malone, and kristen hall.  a silent auction will be
held  on site and will include, among other music items and memorabilia,
a chance  to sing on stage with amy ray.
  all of the evening's profits will be donated to the atlanta harm reduction
center.  the ahrc is a street outreach program dedicated to impacting and
empowering drug users in the fight against hiv, other infectious disease
and stigma. through the advancement of harm reduction based strategies and
education, ahrc seeks to reduce the harms related to drug use.  for more
   information regarding the atlanta harm reduction center and its services,
please visit
or call 404.526.9269.
  tickets for the fundraiser go on sale friday, july 25, at 3:00pm.  tickets
are $12 in advance and can be purchased online at
there will be a six ticket limit for this event.  the red light cafi is located
at 553 amsterdam avenue in midtown. more information can be obtained by calling

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