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  [ig-news] new tour date!                  ["karen r." <>]


date: fri, 11 jul 2003 00:48:03 edt
from: "karen r." <>
subject: [ig-news] new tour date!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

26 september 2003:  ig in pasadena, california.

<a href=""></a>!!!

:-) karen

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"got to learn to respect what we don't understand" -- amy ray,  indigo girls

"well the world seems spent and the president has no good
idea of who the masses are
well i'm one of them and i'm among friends
we're trying to see beyond the fences in our own backyards" (isn't that the
- -- emily saliers, indigo girls

"this world falls on me dreams of immortality, everywhere i turn all the
just keeps shaking me"  -- amy, again

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