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seattle............ ahhh, it was a great show.

first off, amy and emily sounded great!  i've heard
"everything in its own time" a bunch of times live.
last night's version was the most beautiful.  ever.

but first things first, winona laduke's speech was really
informative.  it held my attention (which was a miracle
because i have a really short span of attention).  her sense
of humor was well appreciated too.  :)

they invited a violonist to perfom some songs.  wow.  good stuff.  and i loved his stories as well (now i am lost as far
as his name goes).

as i already said, ig was stunning.  they played (from what i
can remember) "everything in its own time," "jonas and ezekial," "let it be me," "nuevas senoritas," "closer to fine," "finlandia," "galileo," and "become you" (am i forgetting anything?).  it was funny (and like the old days) seeing ig tune their own guitars and basically tech their own show.  amy was wearing the same thing i saw her wear in the midwest last week -- tank top, blue shirt, jeans, and her maroon boots.  emily was wearing a big black shirt, a black tee shirt, and jeans.

anyway, we are about to close work and go home.  but i wanted to give my two cents on the show.  great times!

:-) karen
back in the san francsico area

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