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  [ig-news] sigc: lilith on top video    [henry troup <>]


date: tue, 15 apr 2003 13:18:40 -0400
from: henry troup <>
subject: [ig-news] sigc: lilith on top video

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

this documentary was broadcast on global tv in canada sometime in march. i
found out about this video through the list, but i didn't see anything more
on it.  so this is my review. the official credits are available at - click the big logo to enter the site.

there is indeed some indigo girls content: early on, a whole bunch of people
singing "closer to fine" with them, and later, almost at the end, a short
slice of "love's recovery".  in between, two short sound bites from an
interview, emily right after ctf, and amy right around love's recovery.  i
didn't use a stopwatch, but i'd say less than three minutes all told.

what there is on this video is a huge amount of sarah mclachlan and a bunch
of bits of performances by a long list of lilith fair participants:

sheryl crow, k's choice, noella hutton, chrissie hynde, lisa loeb, kinnie
starr (a spoken word piece half responsible for the "explicit language"
warning), beth orton (the other half of the warning), queen latifah, susan
tedeschi, and a lot more.

i doubt that there's an entire song from anyone in the hour documentary.
most are just long enough to identify.  there are heaps of talking heads,
some identified and famous, some neither.  the majority of the footage seems
to be from cleveland, with some bits in other places.  there are enough
different pieces that sarah's hairstyle changes during the hour. there's
some backstage bits, nothing fabulous.  there's a bit of the pro- and anti-
lilith fair

the highlight is when sarah, wearing a red sequin tube top and dancing on
stage with chrissie hynde, turns her back to the camera and flashes the
band.  chrissie is literally on the floor laughing.


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