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date: fri, 11 apr 2003 18:06:15 -0600
from: "diane" <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girls return to minnesota for a good cause

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

indigo girls return to minnesota for a good cause

      jon bream,  star tribune
       published april 10, 2003

the indigo girls perform  more often in the twin  cities than they do in  their
hometown of atlanta.

"minneapolis is a place where we can go and have a great audience," said  amy
ray of the grammy-winning indigos, who sang in the cities in february  and
july. "and i enjoy being there.

"i have a membership at the 'y' there," she continued. "and i have relatives
there, too; i always see them. on a personal level, we just love that city."

unbeknownst to their many minnesota fans, the indigos -- ray and emily  saliers
- -- come to minneapolis even more often to attend board meetings of  honor the
earth, an organization that campaigns for environmental issues related to
american indian lands.

tonight, the folk-rock duo will return to minnesota to launch the fifth honor
the earth tour at st. olaf college in northfield.

"we're starting in a place that we're very familiar with," ray said. "in
minnesota, we've been working on the prairie island [nuclear power plant on
mdewakanton dakota land] since we started honor the earth" in 1991.

the indigos and indian activist winona laduke, twice a vice presidential
candidate for the green party, will speak about the environment and energy
production, such as the buffalo ridge wind-power project in southwestern
minnesota. the eight-college tour is also a fundraiser for the
minneapolis-based honor the earth, which since 1993 has disseminated $575,000
to indian environmental  groups.

at st. olaf, the indigos, known for the hits "closer to fine" and last  year's
"moment of forgiveness," also will sing for about 45 minutes. the music won't
necessarily be political, ray said, except perhaps for "finlandia,"  about
peace, and "point hope," about an alaskan village affected by nuclear  testing.

for the first time on an honor the earth tour, the indigos will do a
question-and-answer session after their performance, said ray.  

"that's when it's good to go to a college," said the singer/ songwriter,  who
turns 39 saturday. "it's an institute of learning and hopefully everybody's

even though energy issues are their focus, will the indigo girls address the
war in iraq?

"it ties in really well, unfortunately," ray said on monday. "we feel like this
war is tied up in oil. it's one of the agendas. for me, it's an example when
you have this paradigm of nonrenewable energy sources like oil, when you run
out of having it where you are, you have to go somewhere else and get it. i
think that is always supported by a military system and the philosophy of
dominance. when you have renewable sources, it's more supportive in a peaceful

"i know there's this idea of bringing democracy to the people, and saddam
hussein is a terrible person. i'm a believer in democracy -- and i'm
appreciative  in having a voice. but i don't think that's our main agenda in
going to iraq.

"i think it's going to be hard to make peace with people after you've bombed
the hell out of them. i know a lot of people aren't going to agree. but i think
it's good to dialogue about it.

"hey, i've got a cousin [in the service] over there right now. i want them to
be safe, too, but i don't want them to be there. once it starts, it's very
complex. i'm still against it; i'm a pro-united nations person. let's use that
body to make things work."

despite her frustration with the war, ray finds purpose and comfort in
undertaking the honor the earth tour. "it makes me feel like i'm doing
something  hopeful," she said.

after the tour ends on earth day (april 22), the indigo girls will return  to
the recording studio. then they plan to hit the road in august. don't be
surprised if you see them again in the twin cities.

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date: fri, 11 apr 2003 08:51:13 -0500
from: "kovacs, mirinda" <>
subject: [ig-news] mn hte review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

last night was wonderful!  really one of my favorite ig shows, except for
the fact that it was a short set list.  but i knew that one going in, so it
was expected.
the show started off with a&e singing:
hammer & a nail
become you
then there was winona speaking.  the focus was on energy alternatives.
particularly getting away from nuclear waste (xcel energy) and going towards
wind power.  it was great.  the crowd was very receptive and cheered often!!
excellent speaking and not one second of it boring.
then the girls came back out and sang closer to fine.  about half way
through the song people started to move to the front of the chairs to dance.
naturally my friend and i raced out there and we were up close front and
center.  it was awesome!  everyone dancing and having a great time.  they
then sang shame on you.  in the middle of the song they lost power!  it was
funny because the crowd was singing so long it took us a while to realize
what was going on.  amy and emily were just laughing and for a moment we
thought they were laughing at our exuberance.  then emily shouted "we lost
power!  maybe we should make a note to talk about xcel after we do our set."
that was funny.  so then they tried to fix it and were just standing there
like "what should we do."  that was when the crowd really became wonderful.
we started our own singing.  we sang get out the map for amy and emily.
they were so impressed with us that they clapped for us when we were done.
about two minutes after we finished the song they finally got the power back
up.  amy then asked us if we wanted them to start the song over or start
from where they left off, which she said would be interesting.  of course
everyone wanted to hear the song again from the beginning.  so basically we
got two versions of shame on you last night.  then came:
let it be me!!! - i was so excited to hear this song, flawless performance
of it.  definitely suiting during our present situation.  after the line
about the president has no good idea who the masses are everyone was
screaming.  emily had a momentary pause and chuckle before going on.
let me go easy - really a good song!  very upbeat considering the subject of
the song. i really liked it!
everything in it's own time - another shocker to hear live, how exciting!
as with every song, they gave a beautiful performance.  the crowd was
silent.  they thanked us for listening so well afterwards.
nuevas senoritas
galileo - obvious crowd favorite, tons of fun!
after galileo they had us all sit down, we just sat on the ground in front
of the stage.  they brought winona back out and had a question and answer
time.  there were some really great questions asked and i was really
they closed the show with finlandia.  you could have heard a pin drop, it
was silent in there.  beautiful.  lovely way to end the show.
i didn't get the chance to stick around afterwards and try to talk to them
because it was 11:15 by the time the show let out and my friend was tired.
i also had to work this morning so it wouldn't have been a good plan.  i'd
love to hear from people who did stick around.
anyway, that's my review.  i hope you liked it.  i added up 10 songs.
someone let me know if there were more that i am missing.  i really tried to
make a mental note of all the songs this time.
sweet indigo music.  there is nothing better.  i was smiling in my sleep all
- -mi rinda

ps. they mentioned that they are working on getting a new album out.
someone yelled "about time" or something along those lines.  emily looked
hurt and said that she thought they were doing pretty good.  that their last
record was out a year ago in march.  then amy said "i don't know how some of
those people put out two records a year.  or how she does, i should say."
anyone know the specific "she" referred to there?

mi rinda

you cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. - albert einstein

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