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date: sun, 30 mar 2003 13:22:28 -0600
from: shawnie green <>
subject: [ig-news] asheville show...

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just got home from the asheville show and the s.a.n.t.a. benefit show in
atlanta. both were fun. amy and the butchies played the typical set-
johnny rottentail, dairy queen, laramie, lucystoners, measure of
me...etc. and ended with refugee as usual. the butchies and 1945 both
played sets as well. my husband recorded the show so if it turns out
well we'll offer it up here soon......the santa show consisted of
michelle malone with band, 1945, and group sex with amy and emily
filling in during different songs. emily showed she could "get her
groove on" on the dance floor during "play that funky music whiteboy".
carol isaacs also played with group sex adding a little extra with the
keyboards on van halens "jump" and princes "lets go crazy" among others.
amy played late bloom with 1945.
sorry, not much of a review but i'm tired.

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