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  [ig-news] rescheduled wilmington, de tix available       [<>]


date: tue, 04 feb 2003 15:49:38 -0500
from: <>
subject: [ig-news] rescheduled wilmington, de tix available

hey all-
as much as it pains me to miss it, i am just not going to be able to
attend the 2/18 show at the grand old opera house. therefore, if anybody
needs a ticket (parquet section row a seat 23 -- first row of the
section behind the pit - way amy's side), you can have/buy mine or
whatever. i think it was about $35 or something like that. anyway, if
you're interested shoot me an email (offlist), so we can work out the
arrangements for getting the ticket to you. and don't panic if i don't
reply terribly swiftly, i'm pretty busy these days- hence the reason i
have to miss the show- but i will get back to you, i promise!
take it easy-

life is now, plan accordingly....

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