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  [ig-news] oberlin show                 ["becky b." <>]


date: sat, 25 jan 2003 18:20:18 +0000
from: "becky b." <>
subject: [ig-news] oberlin show

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey all.
alright, so i'm sure you know about this show already and know all of its
vitals but i'm writing anyway to drum up some business for the show. we want
it to be a successful show and we want there to be a full turnout. i'm not
on the big list so i haven't been reading any discussion on the show (if
there's been any), but if y'all have questions, feel free to email me. hope
to see you there!

indigo girls with special guest cordero
oberlin college
february 15, 2003, 8pm
finney chapel (relatively small venue!!!!)
$13 ocid, $22 other
order tickets 440.775.8169 ($3 handling fee per order)
join us in this concert for peace! (this is a less well-known fact)

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