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date: mon, 6 jan 2003 08:55:47 -0500
from: "jennifer m." <>
subject: [ig-news] ig and a possible grammy nom?

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
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from todays atlanta journal-constitution

grammy preview
after snub, arie may be back on a georgia-flavored ballot

by sonia murray
atlanta journal-constitution pop music critic
the "voyage to india" by india arie could make her a strong candidate for grammy consideration.


the other local artists the ajc music staff thinks should contend for a gramophone feb. 23 in new york are:


indigo girls. so consistently smart and understated they almost get overlooked, this decatur folk duo added yet another noteworthy release to the universe that included ruminations both timely (the confederate flag on title track "become you" ) and timeless (love, love and more love in "you've got to show" and "she's saving me").


"there is no nation by god exempted. lay down your weapons and love your neighbor as yourself..." ~es, deliverance, 2002.

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