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  [ig-news] amy on the end of the epic era?  ["april haitsuka" <grimmy7@eart]


date: thu, 26 dec 2002 15:43:57 -0800
from: "april haitsuka" <>
subject: [ig-news] amy on the end of the epic era?

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

this interview article from the nation is a roundtable of musician activists.
eddie vedder, amy ray, carrie brownstein, tom morello and boots riley ... what
a concert that would be.

but this quote from amy, about the future of indigo girls and epic records,
caught my eye:

"when indigo girls signed [with epic], that was my one concession to
hypocrisy. i just said ok, i'm going to do this, because emily [saliers, the
duo's other half] wanted to, for one thing, and i wanted to because i was
tired. we didn't have a staff, we were just doing everything for ourselves and
it was hard. i felt like, this is my choice: i can either sign to a major and
have these resources and have my own indie label [daemon records] and put out
five records a year by other people. or i can talk emily into staying
independent and we'll spend all of our time on our own career, and we won't
ever get to do anything else with anybody else. the choice was obvious.

"but i'll be very excited when this record deal is over. i would never sign
again with a major label, because i feel like it's run its course. major
labels right now are pretty obsolete for artists like us.

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