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date: thu, 3 oct 2002 10:17:09 -0400
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subject: [ig-news] calvin college concert (grand rapids)

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hi to all ~

the october 1st concert at calvin college was one of the most energized ig
concerts i've been to.  a small, intimate
setting (seating for maybe 1,200 total) in the fine arts center.  interesting
mix of people ~ for the most part, the crowd was
quite young (compared to me!) and there were a lot of men in the audience ~
more than i usually see at an indigo girls
concert.  i was impressed with the number of people who knew the songs.  the
crowd did a great job of singing, and amy
and emily commented on the "nice singing" more than a few times!

i know i sang my heart out to every song!

michelle malone was amazing and very well received by the audience.

amy wore her red plaid kilt-thing and a sleeveless black top, and emily wore
her jeans ensemble.  they both looked great!

they started the show with "mystery."  unfortunately, i was too absorbed in the
magic of the entire event to remember the
set list in any sort of order, but they played:

get out the map
shame on you
it's alright
love will come to you
power of two
least complicated
deconstruction of love
moment of forgiveness
become you
collecting you
closer to fine
dead man's hill
johny rottentail
i don't wanna know
gone again


you've got to show
kid fears (the audience was singing michael stipes' part - it was awesome)

they just sounded so damned great!  the harmonies were absolutely impeccable ~
the best i've heard.  both of their
voices were in wonderful shape.  emily, as usual, wowed the crowd with her
guitar expertise ~ she was flawless!  amy just
rocked out and really had the crowd clamoring for more.

i love the girls!  at every ig concert i've ever attended, i notice the
positive energy that exudes from their performances ~
and it's infectious.  and it grows.  if i could have a daily dose of the indigo
girls live, i wouldn't need antidepressants!
however, that would be in a perfect world.

the energy that was in the room ~ i live for that!

michelle malone helped out with guitar and vocals on several songs.  she even
did gotm on the fly ~ she had the wrong
set list, but amy asked her to stay on stage!

highlights of the show for me (too many to mention, actually):

love will come to you (beautiful, like finest silk)
gotm (i just love that song)
gone again (ditto)
deconstruction of love (emily sang with such passion)
oh heck, everything was great, but the encore was absolutely stellar!

they started the encore with you've got to show, and my god were the harmonies
tight and em's guitar playing superb!  
i'm not a huge fan of that song on the cd, but to see it performed live really
sheds a different light on the intricacies of
i think that kid fears was the second song of the encore ~ i can't remember for
sure, so forgive me.  another awesome
rendition.  but what blew me away was finlandia!  four part harmonies (with
michelle and carol) were tight and amazing!  
that is an absolutely beautiful song, and the girls do it great justice.

okay ~ that's my two cents worth.  thanks for reading.  i'll forward the local
paper's review, as well.

vicki, daydreaming in indigo

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date: thu, 3 oct 2002 10:26:09 -0400
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subject: [ig-news] gr press review:  calvin college concert

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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here's the article that was in the press last night:

"indigo girls rock, folks

wednesday, october 02, 2002

by john sinkevics
the grand rapids press

as the veteran, cool-as-a-cucumber performers that they are, the indigo girls
readily recognize the rewards that come from
taking some risks.

"if you want to fly, you take this dive," they sang tuesday at the calvin
college fine arts center during "you've got to
show," a quiet but tricky, jazz-inflected tune demanding precise harmonies and
clean transitions. in other words, a
potential minefield for two voices performing without the usual backing band.

that amy ray and emily saliers nailed their rendition of the song perfectly to
lead off an impressive encore for a sellout
crowd of more than 1,250 shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

it's the sort of display that's made the georgia singer-songwriters such
beloved folk-rockers, especially on college

" 'you've got to show' is really a challenge because it's very fragile, and the
harmonies are very difficult," ray told me in a
recent interview. "but that's always fun to sing."

the risky "fun" didn't start or end there. the indigo girls' willingness, nay
eagerness, to take things to the edge in a live
setting showed up in a slew of ways:

on a tour originally geared for a five-piece band (until the drummer canceled
at the 11th hour), ray and saliers forged
confidently ahead, making the whole production sound like a full band with
ample help from keyboard/accordion/tin whistle
player carol isaacs and opening act michelle malone, a talented atlanta singer
with a splendid vocal range who was
enlisted to pitch in on guitar, harmonica and harmonies throughout the night;

grinning broadly, the duo taught malone (who apparently arrived on stage one
song early due to a set-list change) "get out
the map" on the fly and pulled it off admirably, not to mention trading
inspired solos on an extended jam version of

ray, saliers and isaacs closed the 22-song, 1-hour-and-42-minute show with a
bracing, flawless a cappella "finlandia,"
which is akin to the flying wallendas riding bicycles on a high wire with
family members draped across their shoulders
and no safety net.

the indigo girls were just as no-net confident in trotting out material from
their most recent album, "become you," a folk-
pop project that returned the duo to its acoustic roots.

they performed a half-dozen songs from the cd, including the title track,
"yield" and "moment of forgiveness," with ray
alternating between mandolin and guitar, isaacs adding elegant textures on
keyboards and accordion and malone assisting
on guitar and harmonies.

and in a pop-rock industry dominated by bands that are dominated by guys, it
was refreshing to see four women on stage
rocking the house without some spandex-stretching husky guy stealing the
spotlight for a guitar riff.

overall, the indigo girls seemed tighter, more crisp and more exacting in
displaying their newest material; more
unrestrained and casual in approaching longtime crowd faves such as "closer to
fine," "galileo," "least complicated" and
"power of two," which all led to audience sing-alongs.

ever the punk wannabe, the ebullient, tough-edged ray, dressed in a red plaid
skirt with red plaid leggings and a black
tank top, once again made the perfect foil to saliers, whose smooth vocal
charms seemed to match her more conventional
jeans and blue shirt.

borrowing a line from the night's opening song, the indigo girls have
themselves become "equal partners in a mystery"
that's lasted through eight studio albums and 18 years of dynamic performances
that just seem to get better and better.

such is the reward for taking a few risks."

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