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  [ig-news] harrisburg ig concert 9/30/02     [diane wong <>]


date: mon, 30 sep 2002 23:33:27 -0400
from: diane wong <>
subject: [ig-news] harrisburg ig concert 9/30/02

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

wow!  that was an amazing show.  hey y'all!  i flew back from southern
california today to catch the indigo girls' concert at the forum.  michelle
malone opened, and she was awesome.  unfortunately, i only caught the last
three songs, but the tailend of her setlist was this:

strength for two
brand new dream

after a half-hour intermission, amy and emily took the stage, along with
their "band", carol isaacs.
here's the setlist:

hammer and a nail
become you
get out the map
moment of forgiveness
collecting you
shame on you
power of two
i don't wanna know
gone again
closer to fine
wood song
love's recovery
romeo & juliet

she's saving me

some quick notes about the concert:

apparently, they spent their day off wandering around harrisburg
yesterday--going along the susquehanna river, enjoying the town--also amy
ray did her laundry.  everyone was friendly to them, they felt like they
were at home in the south.

the indigo girls haven't played at the forum before, and they wondered if
the stars in the sky (ceiling) were going to light up for their concert.
and, behold, during power of two, the star lights came on.  amy was just
fascinated by them and kept looking up while emily was singing the last

emily mentioned she watched buffy the vampire slayer last night, and there
was a scene where they were making up names for constellations.  emily said,
"that was lame."  but she enjoys watching that show.

they didn't know that harrisburg was the pennsylvania state capital, and
later on in the show, someone asked them the name of michigan's capital, and
emily said, "lansing."  then she asked us, "how about south dakota?"  and a
number of us said, "pierre."  and she said, "we have the intelligent crowd
tonight."  they also talked about the ny times crossword puzzle, and how
sunday's was always really hard.

they adjusted the setlist to accomodate requests:  love's recovery, romeo &
juliet, mystery.  i don't know what the original setlist said.

i was really glad they played become you, mystery, she's saving me, and r &

i will post up pictures from the concert later this week.

happy on my ig fix,

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