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  [ig-news] dairy queen/sewell nj                              []


date: sat, 28 sep 2002 10:26:50 edt
subject: [ig-news] dairy queen/sewell nj

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it was confirmed from amy last night in sewell that the song will be called
dairy queen.  she said she will proabably get trademark enfringement on it
but she will have to deal with that.   the show was awesome.  they played
secure yourself which they haven't played as emily said "in years"   they
were very chatty last night.  the venue was great very great accoustics.
some of the songs as i can remember but no order:

gone again
dairy queen
dead man's hill (yes!!!)
secure yourself(yes!!!)
she's saving
wood song
collecting you
least complicated
become you
kid fears
shame on you
our dilverance

they also sang a song w/k's

i think i got all the songs.


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