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  [ig-news] proctor's/schenectady show    [jeremy <>]


date: fri, 27 sep 2002 00:11:38 -0700
from: jeremy <>
subject: [ig-news] proctor's/schenectady show

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

just walked in the door from the schenectady show.  wow, what a good
time!  the venue was a little weird (they didn't want us to stand), but
all was good.  ig let this band of four girls on stage to do a song.  i
guess they were serenading them in the parking lot earlier.  in amy's
words, it was "the most free form show we've done yet".  here's the
setlist (i got my first setlist!  thanks sulli):

peace tonight
it's alright
gone again
become you
get out the map
jonas & ezekial
hope alone
closer to fine
power of two
johnny rottentale
least complicated (skipped)
kid fears
shame on you
finlandia (fantastic!)


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