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date: mon, 16 sep 2002 16:47:22 -0400
from: martine gubernat <>
subject: [ig-news] holmdel show

haven't read anything from the holmdel show last night (sept 15) so i
thought i'd send in my review.  firstly, if we knew earlier that an indigo
girls concert would have ended new jersey's drought, we could have booked
them for june!  cripes, the rain pounded us unmercifully!  there was not a
lot of tailgating in the parking lot before hand as a result of this.  too
bad, since the grounds are nice.  since the show wasn't sold out (hard to
believe), the pnc arts center folks let the lawn seating people sit under
the roof - an unusually nice gesture (and even then the place wasn't
filled!).  k's choice opened promptly at 8:00 with a 35 minute set. their
music was rather mellow (sarah noted that they couldn't afford to bring
their band with them) but their sound was a good prelude for amy and emily,
who were also without band (although carol isaacs was there).  the indigo
girls took the stage at 9:00 exactly and played 1 hour & 40 minutes of
wonderful music.  here's the set list:

gone again
become you
least complicated *
power of two **
shame on you
our deliverance
dairy queen (take it in stride)
closer to fine  ***
you've got to show
jonas and ezekial
get out the map
moment of forgiveness
collecting you
chickenman with bitterroot
- ------------------
kid fears ****

some other notes... the girls seemed to be in great spirits at the show.
their voices were perfect, echoing around the superb acoustics of the
concert hall. a huge screen high over the stage projected the girls from
several angles, which was a great feature especially when people were
standing up. the roof overhead provided shelter from the rain yet the open
sides allowed for a pleasant breeze to pass through.  in fact, when emily
first appeared on stage she commented that our weather was like atlanta
weather, and used the word "thick" to describe it.  the humidity sure made
it feel that way.
* the audience did a great sing-along on least complicated. their very much
in-tune voices filling the hall.  amy and emily seemed quite please and were
full of smiles.  when the na na's were finally over, emily said "nj we love
you" and held up her hand in the sign language 'i love you' sign.  the
audience went wild.
** once again, during power of two, the audience took over with the singing
("now we're talking about a difficult thing...") and a&e just stepped back
from the mics, grinning and nodding.  emily is usually full of smiles at
concerts but this time amy was also full of grins the entire evening.  it
was nice to see.
*** sarah joined in on closer to fine (she has a very nice voice).  one
funny thing on this song - right before the penny whistle part, carol isaacs
was off the stage, so amy turned around when it's carol's cue to begin and
carol came running across the stage with the penny whistle up to her lips,
just managing to play her part in time.  after the song ended, all 3 of them
were laughing.  emily looked at her and said, "we just loooooove carol."
**** gert joined the girls on kid fears, but to tell the truth, the audience
was singing out that part so loudly, that we couldn't hear gert at all.
once again, a&e seemed very pleased at the audience singing.
overall it was a great show, and i personally didn't miss the rest of the
band.  indigo girls concerts just seem a bit more intimate to me without the
other band players there.
fashion report: amy had her hair in pigtails, and wore black jeans with a
long sleeve, button down shirt.  i did notice that amy was wearing a silver
band on her right ring finger.  hmmmm... i've never noticed that before.
emily had on dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a light blue
unbuttoned shirt over it.
sorry for the length of this...
peace - mg
ps: if anyone booted the show, i have good stuff to trade.  email me.

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