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  [ig-news] old mp3s going offline, new ones coming up!  [kathrin siegmund <]


date: thu, 15 aug 2002 15:20:04 +0200
from: kathrin siegmund <>
subject: [ig-news] old mp3s going offline, new ones coming up!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi all!

just in case some of you still want to get the mp3s i am currently
serving on my site (bremen, hamburg and mountain stage shows from
this year):
they are going offline on sunday and are going to be replaced by the
recent cambridge, edinburgh and union chapel shows plus the
much requested "on the tracks" radio interview show, which is every
bit as good as amy made it sound to be in her comments on the official
site (
the three uk shows are brought to you courtesy of claudine who
booted them and did the cover and liner artwork, which will be
available for download too.
the "on the tracks" interview was taped by that off list friend of mine,
who said to say hi to y'all: so, hi;)! artwork for that has yet to be
created by lil me, i usually don't upload my artwork for the shows but
will prolly do this time just in order to be more consistent;).
maybe people who are downloading the stuff can drop me a line
whether they'd always like there to be cd cover artwork available or
not? that would be very helpful:).

anyhoo, happy downloading and i'll post again once the new stuff is up
on sunday.
the link for the mp3 downloads is:

be well,

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