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  [ig-news] cambridge folk fest highlights on tv  [claudine lapsky <indigo2@]


date: tue, 13 aug 2002 23:08:10 +0100
from: claudine lapsky <>
subject: [ig-news] cambridge folk fest highlights on tv

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi everyone,

just finished watching the televised highlights of the cambridge folk
festival on tv and can report that they only showed one song by the
girls...yes, you guessed it...closer to fine, with alison brown (banjo
player extroadinaire).  no interviews and no other coverage.  typical, i
guess for british tv.  just a shame that despite the girls being the
headliners of the sunday show, that's all the coverage they get.  the
other artists that evening each got 2 songs.  but hey, shouldn't
complain, the girls were on tv!

claudine (who's quite thrilled to see herself on tv when the camera
panned around the audience)

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