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date: fri, 9 aug 2002 21:20:45 +0100
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subject: [ig-news] uk tour - edinburgh

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hi everybody,

well i'm back and totally exhausted from the uk tour.  loved every
minute of it though and all the great fans that we met along the way.
it was such a blast.  jim has done a great job with the dublin review,
so there's little to add except to explain why sulli was taking photos
of us in the front row.  we had made a banner that said "sulli, you kick
ass".  we hang that on the barrier, which was quite a way back from the
stage and shouted to sulli.  she was tickled by that and gave us a great
smile, went off to get her camera (or amy cam perhaps??) and took a
photo of the banner and us.  :-)  but the energy of the dublin show was
fantastic and a perfect way to end the tour.

i haven't seen any reviews of the edinburgh show though, so i'll step in

queens hall, edinburgh 6 august 2002

for the second time this tour, the girls played in a church-type
building.  yes, these are religious experiences alright!  ;-)

the venue was reserved seating, which was nice and civilised, but
doesn't quite facilitate interaction as much.  it always feels more of a
passive experience.  the audience was pretty quiet during the songs with
sheepish singing along when prompted.  seemed strange for an ig show,
but it was an interesting and new ig just sit back and
watch these two women perform.


gone again
least complicated
become you
power of two
collecting you
kid fears
johnny rottentale
closer to fine
get out the map
moment of forgiveness
she's saving me

the girls were quite chatty and talked about what they did on their day
off in edinburgh.  amy caught up with laundry and emily went to see
edinburgh castle...with all the other tourists!  emily mentioned how she
was in awe of the history here, imagining people trying to climb the
north face to reach the castle!!??  she quickly said oh nevermind after
that ramble.  :-)

during the introduction to become you, amy mentioned how she was in a
bookstore and saw a book called "the great white south".  she saw a
silhouette of a man on the cover wearing a hat that looked like the kkk.
intrigued as to why such a book would be in scotland she took a closer
look to find that it was about a polar expedition!!  she told us how she
likes to mine books for song inspiration, but assured us that she's not
working on any songs about polar expeditions.

emily talked of playing with alison brown at cambridge and being in awe
of her talent.  she said that she doesn't know whether she should just
quit or keep going when hearing other people play that well!  emily
quickly decided that she'll just keep going.  yay.

amy talked of how they can't afford to bring their own sound person to
the uk tour.  (sounds like they really have to cut back to make touring
over here work).  anyhoo, amy said that they're happy with the person
they have at this venue.

there was a request for trouble just as emily left the stage to let amy
sing johnny rottentale.  amy said that trouble is one of about 10 songs
they can't play without a band...and besides, emily was off the stage
and it's her song!  as an introduction to the song (johnny r), she said
how many people think it's about her cat.  she said it isn't, she
wouldn't be so cruel to a cat.  she said she wouldn't be so cruel to a
person either, but likes to fantasize!

a cute moment happened in starkville.  amy forgot the words after a
couple of lines and had to stop the song.  she then had to ask emily
what the words were before starting again!

they changed the setlist to include chickenman after someone requested
that.  amy said how that song gives emily a chance to "hotdog".  she
likes to see emily "hotdog".  :-)  we saw later from the setlist that
chickenman replaced shame on you.

the girls were nice and chatty and amy told us of how her mic smells of
cigarettes and reeses.  she said she knows that smell because she had a
friend in school, mentioned his name and emily nodded that she knew him
too.  very cute moment.  anyhoo, amy said that he always sat behind her
in class and she would ask him for more reeses as she knew he always had
more.  she wasn't interested in cigarettes at that time.

fashion report:
amy same as in london - low cut strappy top with a dark blue short
sleeved shirt over that.
emily dark blue jeans, black v-neck t-shirt, white with thin blue
striped overshirt.

i think that pretty much covers it.

off to get some sleep now.


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