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  [ig-news] ig interview from dranouter  ["ines" <>]


date: fri, 2 aug 2002 22:40:48 +0200
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subject: [ig-news] ig interview from dranouter

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here's my transcript of the interview the indigo girls gave the belgium
radio radio 1 in dranouter:

floris daelemans: [telling in dutch that somebody in here is a big fan of
the two women who first called themselves the b-band and play acoustic
guitars and sing harmonies - sorry, that's all i understood, i don't speak
dutch ;-) ]
amy ray and emily saliers, welcome in our studio.
a+e: thank you.
fd: some months ago you played in .. in turnhout (sp?) in our country ...
ar: yes.
fd: ... an acoustic set just the two of you with guitars or mandolins and
today here as well, but the tour in america is with the band.
ar: yes
fd: which flavor do you like the best?
es: i like them both, actually. i'm just saying this to amy. uhm, because
the band has the kick, it's a great rhythmn section and ... and they're also
the same band members who had us helped us make our .. our most recent album
and so ... we're ... it's just like playing the record live which is great
but amy and i've been playing like this way since the beginning. we've been
together for 22 years now so ... it's a little more intimate this way.
little .. maybe sometimes more spontaneious but i have to say honestly i
love playing both ways. but you know we'd take the band more here if we
could ... it's just too expensive.
fd: oh yeah ... is ..
ar: yeah.
fd: it that expensive to pay those musicians?
es:  very, very expensive.
ar:  well, it's not what they cost. it's getting them over here and have ..
they have to have a hotel room ... it's just the whole ..just your ... it ..
it triples probably how much it cost a tour over here so ...  so we got away
'till we can pull in more people.
fd: yeah ... your new album "become you" is sounding more up to date as it
is. it sounds the most like your first album released here the "indigo
ar: yeah.
fd: is that a correct assumption?
ar: i ... i think it ... it sounds ... it's definitely more similar to our
first one than a lot of the stuff we've done 'cause we had done more
electric music with more production recently in the last five years and then
we made this record and it's mostly accoustic - uhm all accoustic actually -
with with the rhythmn section though. so which is what we did on our first
record as well - yeah.
fd: i ... i read on your web site that you're ... that the indigo girls have
an official taping policy saying that fans are encouraged and allowed to
make tapings at concerts and even trade them between each other?
es: yeah ...
fd: it's...
es: yes?
fd: it's kind of strange in these days of .. of musical ... restrictions.
ar: yeah.
es: well, as long as people aren't selling it - you know - imean we've
always been a "pro bootleg" band. it's like ... you know ... a long beat
line to the greatful dead and their spirit about sharing music. and we just
have always been a very
pro-make-whatever-tape-you-want-share-with-your-friends. we just don't want
people to sell it and try to make money of it but as far as the piraty of
spirit of recording shows and sharing we totally totally for that.
ar: yeah.
fd: you have a very close connection with your fans altogether, i think.
ar. yeah. i mean it's... yeah. we're ... it's an honest relationship i
think. were we .. we count on them and they count on us and anyway that's
what (?)  i hope. well, we couldn't have lasted that long if we didn't have
an audience that supported us  to all the different - you know - ways that
we play and the different songs and albums and styles. so .. we're lucky to
have an audience still and ... and we love our audiences over here!
fd: yeah. both of you are very driven activists. isn't it easier to just
sing songs and smile?
es: uh, these are just .. these issues are things that we're deeply
concerned with just i think as of members of communities and part of the
human family and i think whatever we'll be doing uh profesionally activism
will be part of it so... it's ..i feel grateful that we've had network and
resources and be able to bring people together and we've been mentored and
we travel and uhm so all those things have tighten up our ... the period (?)
of our activism and it just goes hand in hand with our music and who we are
as people.
fd: i'm gonna translate now a little piece for our listeners here in
ar: okay
fd [translates] i feel that the both of you have a very different style in
.. in songwriting. is that .. is that a ghost in my head or is that really
so? i think your songs are quite different from amys.
es: uhm, i .. well, recently i think we've been writing songs that are in
some way similar you wouldn't be able to tell as easily but i the past yeah
there... there've been distinctive differences and i've always been i guess
more drawn to like .. and influenced directly by joni mitchell and i like a
lot of black music and groove music and stuff like that. it's easier for me
to write a ballad and and amy's been you know edgier and able to rock more
and things like that so ... but uhm the fortunate thing is that .. it ...
they're not so desperate that  we can't work them together when we come to
arrange them and it ..  it keeps the band interesting to me rather than us
doing all the the same sort of things. so it works out well the fact that we
are different.
fd: so amy, that you're .. you're the chrissie ... chrissie hynde of ... of
american folk?
ar: [laughing]
fd: pop? rock?
ar: uhm well i'm flattered but i don't know about that. uh i guess i guess i
listen to stuff that tends to be more till (?) left of center you know even
the folk music you know i like is more has ... has  more been edge (?)
sometimes but also simplier. i mean i'm a simplier writer sometimes than
emily. i don't have the musicality that i think she draws from. so i try to
use my weakness as my strength.
fd: yeah.
ar: typically, that's what i do.
fd: talking about strength, amy you love running i read somewhere and i also
read one of your best runs was here in belgium, in brussels more exactly,
whay was that?
ar: i've actually had a couple of good runs here. uhm but emily runs too. we
both run. uhm i had a ... actually you know last time we played this
festival i went running actually and uhm i ran ... we stayed at the hotel on
top of this hill and i ran like really far and i saw like a team practicing
for the tour de france and - a bicycle team - and we just drew (?) all the
countryside. it's just ... i think belgium as a country it's just
unbelievable, you know? and ... and brussels uhm well i had good runs there
too, so yeah. we ...we ... that's how i see places - when i go running. and
i get lost usually so i end up running twice as far.
fd: all right. just translate a little bit now. [translates] amy ray, emily
saliers uh thank you very much for being here in our studio. you ...
ar: thank you for having us.
fd: you brought your guitars so...
ar: yeees.
fd ... so i may assume that you're going to play something?
ar: yeah.
fd: what will it be?
ar: uh we're gonna play ... we're gonna play the song "become you" from ...
fd: title number from the last album?
ar: yeah yeah.
fd: thank you.
es: thank you.
ar + es [playing "become you"]


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