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  [ig-news] re: the ultimate indigo girls interview  ["<victoria heckler>" <]


date: tue, 30 jul 2002 15:31:04 -0400
from: "<victoria heckler>" <>
subject: [ig-news] re: the ultimate indigo girls interview

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

if that odd link doesn't work for you, just go to:
and look under the "fushda" section for the thread entitled:  "the ultimate
indigo girls interview."  sorry about that tedious link!

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from: <victoria heckler> []
sent: tuesday, july 30, 2002 3:29 pm
subject: the ultimate indigo girls interview

as some of you may recall, some time ago i posted an excerpt from a
forthcoming interview with ig by ken knox.  since he had some difficulty
pitching the article to major magazines, he decided to post it on the ig bbs
as an ig web site "exclusive," in his words.  as such, i would feel odd
reposting it in its entirety here, so, if any of you are interested in
reading it, please visit

it really is a nice interview...and lengthy.


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