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[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at  you can read the entire article at
the url given below...]

make sure you scroll down to #21. i think you all might find it quite familiar. cheers, jen

over the rainbow and onto the charts
for pride month, cl counts down the gay top 40
by robert nishikawa

gay people have always been around, of course. but gay culture was never as visible as it is today. and on the road to the mainstream, gay-identified music insinuated itself into the pop charts, often with few taking any note of its gay content or subtext.

but beyond the impact of gay people on popular music, significant as it has been, the reverse is also true. from classical to camp -- made by gays, straights, those in and out of the closet, men, women, drag queens, and everything in between -- music has been an integral part of the gay community's identity. it has delineated the struggles and triumphs, and helped to define the culture -- not only to the outside world, but also to itself. whether it provides comfort to the loner or a soundtrack to celebrations, music is where the gay community can find its own unique story told.

here, then, is our list of gay culture's 40 greatest songs. the big themes -- truth, identity (gender and otherwise), personal transformation, survival, comfort, inspiration and fun -- figure prominently. and so do songs associated with films, videos, the stage and the dancefloor. you'll also note the large contingent of those strong, sexy women who've become gay icons. as madonna once said, "music makes the people come together," so "let's take some time to celebrate."


21. "shame on you," indigo girls -- the atlanta duo was banned from performances at u.s. high schools because of this one. officials cited objections to a certain four-letter word, but it was rumored that their "alternative" lifestyle and a reference to "beautiful ladies" may have been the real reason.


the things which we vigorously hate are the things that we fear  most in ourselves.

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