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date: fri, 21 jun 2002 16:03:48 -0400
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subject: [ig-news] ig mention in atlanta business chronicle

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from next week's chronicle dated june 21-27, 2002. cheers, jen
pitching atlanta
braves ace tom glavine, atlanta mayor shirley franklin, pop stars the indigo girls and vern yip
and ty pennington from the hit cable show trading spaces are among a list of celebrities
scheduled to appear in radio and tv ads this summer promoting atlanta tourism.
local ad agency fitzgerald & co. is coordinating the ads for the atlanta convention and
visitors bureau, which is trying to get locals to visit city attractions.
the spots were produced by volunteers, and star 94 and wxia are donating air time for the 60-
second spots. the first ads should appear on radio june 24.


the things which wevigorously hateare the things that we fear most in ourselves.

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