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  [ig-news] emily interview in the wave         ["bliss55" <>]


date: tue, 2 apr 2002 16:41:27 -0800
from: "bliss55" <>
subject: [ig-news] emily interview in the wave

hi everybody,

i just wanted to let you know there is an article in the current issue of
the wave (3/28-4/10) with an interview with emily.  the wave is a bay
area/santa cruz entertainment publication in california, and can be found
for free at random locations in the area.  for those who don't live here, i
looked at the website,, and i can't find the
article there, but if you click on the music link, there is a little
paragraph about become you, which i know was from a past issue, so maybe
they'll put the emily article up soon!   if not, let me know, and i'll try
to type it for you.

also, in that same previous issue that had the become you paragraph, there
was a short review of the feb. 15 show at slim's in san francisco.  here it

- ------------
indigo girls--feb. 15--slim's

when emily saliers and amy ray, the duo that make up the indigo girls, took
their final encore and left the stage at slim's in san francisco, a
representative from the club--a female--got on the mic and said, "thanks for
coming guys and girls...and girle, and girls, and girls, and girls."  it's
true:  there were only a handful of guys in the audience.  but once the
indigo girls took the stage, that didn't matter, as the strong and loyal fan
base was busy singing every word of every song performed.  on a promotional
tour to support their soon-to-be-released eighth album, become you, the
girls are doing a rare series of club gigs.  the night's only
dissappointment occurred when a kfog dj announced, at 8:30 pm, that we would
hear a preview of the new album at 9 and the girls wouldn't take the stage
until 10.  the audience, crammed together, groaned.  but when saliers and
ray took the stage, the long wait was forgotten (some fans had been waiting
outside the club since 2 pm).  new tunes were interspersed with requested
classics, like "closer to fine," "galileo", and "love will come to you."
the guy yelling out "freebird" met with deaf ears.

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