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date: sat, 16 feb 2002 22:52:06 est
from: susannah bell <>
subject: [ig-news] sf - slim's

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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i kept waiting to see someone post about this show, since i didn't write
down the set list until i got home, so i might have forgotten something -
surely it's not in the right order.  so i apologize in advance, but here

gone again
closer to fine
ghost (request)
power of two
become you
she's saving me
moment of forgiveness

it was a great show.  they were very spirited and funny and i would say it
would be in the top five of the 14 shows i've seen (because of the venue
size, mostly) were it not for the disappointing audience...drunk and
violent people standing on one side of me, self-conscious show-offs on the
other.  at one point i felt embarrassed for a person who, during the intro
to she's saving me  interrupted with the requisite outbursts "show us your
tat!" and "we love you, sully!" seriously - my eyes rolled back in my head
so often at the antics of this crowd that i thought my grandmother's
prediction of them sticking there might come true. they did an apparently
spontaneous q&a session and someone asked about the green room reference in
yield and amy avoided the subject in a really cute way.  then someone in
the audience loudly speculated that it was the green room of creed (and i
really don't know if the person meant it as a joke or not) and amy cracked
up and said, "is it creed?  is it pearl jam?" other questions like asking
amy what brand of jeans she wore and whether derrida inspired
deconstruction made me wonder whether the audience was projecting its
pretentiousness onto them. yucky.  this happened when amy ray came to
slim's last year too.  i think i realized that i prefer seeing them in
larger venues where the idiocy of the audience is more likely to be diffused.

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