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  [ig-news] 2 cd offer - become you preview & a la cart cd!!  [traci drago <]


date: fri, 25 jan 2002 15:38:19 -0600
from: traci drago <>
subject: [ig-news] 2 cd offer - become you preview & a la cart cd!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi all,

ok here are the details for the become you preview cd and the ig a la carte
- - b sides & more cd.  i think they both turned out terrific and thanks to
diane weidenkopf the cover art is absolutely fabulous!!!!  there are 5 of us
that will be doing the burning.  just look for your birth month and that is
the person that you need to contact for b&p or trade whichever you both
decide on.  the cover art is generously being hosted by bonnie parks.  she
will let the list know when it is available and how to access it.  hope you
all enjoy!!!  have a terrific weekend.

january, february
bonnie parks
963 nw jackson ave. #202
corvallis, or 97330

march, april
diane weidenkopf
po box 4215
austin, tx 78765

may, june
catherine dunaway
5410 8th ave south
gulfport, fl 33707-2554

july, august
amy clements
614 south baldwin street #2
madison, wi 53703

traci drago
5101a s. broadway
st. louis, mo 63111

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