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  [ig-news] sigc: a&e sing with group sex                  []


date: sun, 16 dec 2001 23:14:34 est
subject: [ig-news] sigc: a&e sing with group sex

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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i know there is sometimes talk of songs that you'd like to see the girls
cover.........  well, on friday night, here in atlanta, at the echo lounge,
they made a special appearance with a local group (group sex), and did a few
surprising covers with the band (who specialize in fun 80's songs).......

amy sang joan jett's song "i hate myself for loving you"
emily & amy both sang wild cherry's "play that funky music" (while emily did
                       funky dance - words can't even begin to describe it)
and amy sang quiet riot's "come on feel the noize"

amy also sang a song with the opening act, gerard mchugh & the crafties, off
of gerard's new cd "tales of madness & horror" (available from daemon).  both
amy & emily contribute vocals to the new cd.

the show was already so much fun, and they just made it even more exciting.
amy, as always, continues to surprise me with her range of songs.  she can
make anything sound good, apparently - even quiet riot!   and, who knew emily
could do that funky dance.........  it was all a lot of fun!


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