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  [ig-news] atlanta ballet t-shirts  [mandy <>]


date: sat, 10 nov 2001 11:18:36 -0800
from: mandy <>
subject: [ig-news] atlanta ballet t-shirts

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hey folks

i don't know if there's anybody out there still wanting, but the atlanta ballet
is printing a second round of shed your skin t-shirts, taking orders (online
and otherwise) through november 15th. all shirts are long-sleeve and $30. the
webpage says they're shipping all orders on the 17th, which strikes me as
ambitious, but one thing this trip taught me is that the ballet folks certianly
have their act together, so they may well manage it.

the design for the t-shirts is the same as the $15 posters, with the two
dancers (as opposed to the dippy little $5 ones with the ig close-up shot from
the main webpage and the dancer leaping over their heads - yes, thank you, i
own one) and you can see it on the ordering page:

anybody without browser access or who'd rather not trade online can call in
their order at 404-873-5811 x202.


"those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act."
                                        -albert einstein

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