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  [ig-news] great tickets for sale - san diego  [amy swenson <amy_indigirl@y]


date: mon, 2 jul 2001 19:13:37 -0700
from: amy swenson <>
subject: [ig-news] great tickets for sale - san diego

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i've recently realized that taking off 3 more days of work to see two
more ig concerts when i'm already seeing too many is probably insane,
and my pocketbook can't afford it, so i'm selling my two tickets to the
two san diego shows. (i have one ticket for each show)

on the monday show, it's a 12th row center ticket.

here's the kicker:
on the tuesday show, it's front row center.

(and yes, this is killing me to give this up...)

i'm just asking face value for this, which i think was somewhere around
$40 for each ticket. i can get the exact number.

i'm offering the front row seat to the first kind soul on digest mode
to respond. (i'm on digest and it's hard to be first at anything!)
the 12th row seat is open to everyone.

anyhow, let me know asap if you want these, ok?

thanks -



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