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  [ig-news] branches needed for the turner south video     []


date: thu, 10 may 2001 09:26:43 edt
subject: [ig-news] branches needed for the turner south video

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi all,

we are working on putting together a video tree for the turner south
taped on saturday, may 5th, as part of music midtown in atlanta.

if you are able to make copies for others, and would like to participate
this tree, please send me an email, and i will send you the details.   i
only looking for five people at this time.  

if you don't have the equipment to make video copies, please wait for the
tree announcement to find out where to send your blank video.

details on the video:
taped saturday, may 5th, 2001 in the atlanta civic center, as part of
midtown.  originally shown on the turner south network, the show is two

artists included are: indigo girls, ann wilson (from heart), josh joplin,
shawn colvin, and darius rucker (from hootie & the blowfish).   the girls
performed and talked about several songs including: andy, gone again,
senoritas, get out the map, and galileo.  


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