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  [ig-news] amy, butchies, and more at slim's in sf      []


date: sun, 29 apr 2001 15:24:08 edt
subject: [ig-news] amy, butchies, and more at slim's in sf

it's sunday morning (afternoon?), and i've finally recovered from a
delightful few days of stag shows.

i flew out from colorado, as amy wasn't coming any closer than sf.  (a real
shame, too, because co is one of their strongholds.  could have sold out
three nights at the fox in boulder.  great venue.  would've been fabulous.
oh, well.)

anyway, as reported all tour long, the shows were great.

both nights, i was front row, on the stage, between amy and kaia (sp?).

i never had heard the butchies before, but i was suitably impressed.  they
punk out effectively during their own set, and rock out during amy's.  an
excellent choice for a backing band, imo

the only major bummer was the weather.  cold and windy both days - a tough
combination for ga shows.  fortunately, a bunch of us hardcore travellers
made friends on day 1 and worked a well-oiled machine on day 2.  actually,
the other bummer was the late start time.  doors at 8+.  show at 9.  why???

the shows were true to form.  sarah brougher (sp?-pleae correct me for my
records) opened the show both nights with a pleasant but not particularly
impressive set.

she was followed up by the butchies in their little uniforms.  black pants
and shirts with fat red belts.  kinda cute.

i'm not particularly a punker (but i am a who fan - without whom punk would
never have existed), but i thought there were a solid bad.  good players,
strong stage presence, and just generally kick-ass performances.  

i was particularly impressed with melissa in the drum chair (an interesting
stylistic cross between max weinberg of the e st band and keith moon of the
who - although not quite on the level of either).  also, kaia gets
particularly high marks on stage presence (and overall cuteness).

both nights they had a "cowbell" girl.  both nights that was great fun.  (the
second night, i helped it be a young punk "chick" with short orange hair
named stephanie, i think.  she and her friends knew all the words to all of
their songs, so i was even polite enough to give up my front row spot for the
b's set.  a pity that her friend was such an unappreciateive, immature bitch.
but i know that s will remember that night for the rest of her life.)

the first night, either june or jean millington came out and did a cris
williamson song (can't remember which woman or which song) with them.  the
second night, lynnie/lenny somebody came out for one.  (anybody, please feel
free to correct me.)

then amy's set was just great.  my only complaint was that it was entirely
too short.  i understand her not wanting to play ig material, but imo, they
should have learned another 4-6 cover songs.  the set was just too short.  
otherwise, not only do i have no complaints, but it was worth getting on a
airplane for.

night one was a solid show as best i could tell (verified by amber and
michelle who saw four back east and came out from ny).  night two totally
kicked ass (anybody record it - i really need a copy-please email me).  they
had settled in.  didn't have to travel that day, and were playing before an,
ahem, rather enthusiastic crowd.  a & m ranked it at the top of their six.

the sets were essentially the same material (in a different sequence each
night, with a few additions the second night (a few notes of blister in the
sun by request - that would've been good and the track and the song the cat
from the 7").

in closing, special thanks to a&m from ny, robin and linda from la, joy and
ilsa (sp?) from somewhere near sacramento.  garian and jill who also came
from colorado.  my local friends, clyde and jeff.  the woman whose name i
forget who recognized me from a melissa show in '92.  caroline from sac.  
carolyn (sp?) from seattle.  kellye from san jose.  tina from sj who it was
good to hug if only for a moment.  and finally, a special thanks to all of
the musicians, crew and staff who made it all happen.  (if i forgot anyone,
please don't take offense.  i'm wiped out!)

heather p., ann-mei, and yun, where were you?  seattle crew - you were missed.

hope to see some more of you this summer.

boulder, co - but currently appreciating my first sunny day in sf.

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