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date: mon, 23 apr 2001 10:09:11 -0700
from: tamera mcnamara <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: (daemon) a message from amy

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>from: "daemon records announce" <>
>subject: (daemon) a message from amy
>date: 23 apr 2001 17:13:05 -0000
>daemon records announce -
>hey everyone-
>   i had big plans to do a photo history of the making of stag, but alas my
>tour schedule has delayed this little project.... i also plan to give you
>a run down of the tour when i return to my home base.
>speaking of the tour....after getting my bearings again in the rock club
>world, i now feel footloose and fancy free. thanks for making it a
>successful adventure for me and the butchies. so far every show has been a
>rocker's dream.
>after the show, i usually find myself on some wierd highway at 3 a.m.
>trying to decide between the comfort special or the numbered
> any rate, what i am trying to say is... that i can't
>always stick around to express my gratitude because my chores seem endless
>on this expedition, but i always reflect on the luck i have run into- to
>be able to experience this world and the indigo world is just more than
>too much for one lifetime.whew!
>       spring has sprung in my neck of the woods and i got to be home for five
>days and watch the azaleas and red buds bloom. one of my dogs- jack- got
>into a fight with some unknown beast. he recovered quickly and is running
>around guarding the property again. i wait with baited breath to see if
>the bears will be down this season. its a sign of too much construction
>and a hard winter when they come my way, but its still a thrill to spot
>       as far as music goes, there are some fresh cds coming your way . i want
>to make sure that we all spread the word about the butchies' new cd,
>three-its out now on mr. lady records. the next two daemon releases are
>exceptional....rose polenzani comes out with her first studio
>record-sensual and botanical as ever, it also rocks. 1945-includes members
>of three finger cowboy and they played late bloom on stag- their new cd
>is called together we'll burn like autumn leaves. okay i haven't taken
>this one out of the cd player. as you know daemon puts a premium on fine
>songwriting and both 1945 and rose have influenced me in the best ways. we
>are psyched because our bands will be on the road in full force this
>spring and summer so get out
>there and boogie.
>i am off to the west coast...ciao  xamy
>p.s. thanks to all the street teamers-you rock!
>please do not reply to this email.  if you need to send daemon a message

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