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date: sun, 15 apr 2001 12:59:45 -0400
from: lorie driscoll <>
subject: [ig-news] louisville review (long)

the butchies and amy ray
with rose polenzani
headliners music hall, louisville, kentucky
friday, april 13, 2001

rose p.

i have heard so many superlative reviews of rose^rs voice and performances that
i approached her set with a sense of anticipatory respect for her as a singer
and songwriter.  i mean, between amy and the ig list people gushing, i was just
about expecting the second coming. i strained to pay attention. unfortunately,
crowd noise did drown her out.

i^rm not familiar with rose^rs stuff, so i can^rt name the songs. in fact i
couldn^rt hear the words with people talking all around me.  i believe it was
the second song that was a ^svocal showcase^t sorta thing.  however, people
didn^rt shut up.  such is the life of an opening act.  she remained unfazed.
introducing one song late in the set, she said something like, ^sthis song is
kind of long, so people can chill out.^t   last or near last, rose did a suzanne
vega song that seemed unremarkable except toward the end of it, she had a
chance to show her vocal range again.

rose seemed to be fairly pleased with how it went and make pleasant comments.

the butchies

they began with a power-pop sorta instrumental.  again, i^rm not familiar with
their songs.  someone (kaia?) made a comment about the two disco silver balls
that were rotating and glittering at the top of the left and right of the
stage.  i believe the band began making an effort to improvise some sort of
disco-ish sounds, but they couldn^rt solidify anything and moved on.

the birthday girl playing the cowbell was fun.   birthday girl didn^rt whomp on
it enough, so the drummer (is her name melissa?) came and gave her some
cowbell-whompin^r lessons and birthday girl (whose name was amy i believe),
properly whomped from then on.

^sgalaxy is gay^t was a fun, crowd-participation song, with the drummer and bass
player throwing their hands up in that ^si^rm gay^t sorta way, and the crowd going

i enjoyed their stuff quite a bit, and i did have high expectations out of them
as well.  they were all high energy players.  the drummer drummed with gusto
and an eccentricity i can only (for lack of drummers to compare her to) keith
moon.  she was also the joker of the group, taking a front mike several times.
at one point kaia was giving her a look like she was a nutball.

overall, they were all very smiley for several songs into their set.  i imagine
they were damn tired by the time they finished.  i^rd have to respect quite a
bit a band that would take on their own show and backing the next act all night
as well.

amy ray

amy came out and fooled with her mandolin.  i guess there was no mandolin in
her monitor at all.  i was kinda wondering if she was going to get pissed or go
into endless sound tweaking and instrument tuning mode, and was glad she
didn^rt.  amy started playing it and ran thru something vaguely familiar, also
in that appalachian vein.  not sure whose it was or if it^rs an unrecorded one
of hers.

the songs were not in album order but she did play them all.   (luckily no
requests for ig songs, but she did play on your honor after someone yelled it

with johnny rottentail, i was trying to gauge amy^rs um...frothing at the mouth
scale, for lack of a better term.  by that i mean the wild-eyed passion or
general over-the-topness we^rve all seen from time to time.  there was no
frothing/literal spitting nor burst blood vessels.  

what we had was an excellent show sound-wise, no mucked up or muddled sound.
you could have heard almost every word.  

at some point tami hart came out and playeld her one song, which was impressive
not only for her apparent youth.  as mentioned before, she^rs a lefthanded
guitar player.  she also played xylophone (with fluorescent green-looking
sticks [whaddya call those things anyway, they had little balls on the end of
^qem] during one of amy^rs later songs.)

i^rd say the rockinest song (and excuse me, that sounded juvenile..oh well :p)
was mtns of glory.  not sure why.  just kind captured the spirit for me of the
whole thing.  also probably because it sounded so good and clear and loud,
compared to the album.  i was so glad i went and had been looking forward to it
as some kind of historical rock event.  (i doubt you all [i^rm from ohio so it^rs
not y^rall] would disagree.)

with lazyboy, amy apparently decided to play it out of set order, saying the
next one up wasn^rt as appropriate.  maybe i missed something as to why, and i
don^rt recall the song before it.  ironically this was the only song where my
view of amy was obstructed by some vociferous, wiggly girlies tawking amongst
themselves.  which was unfortunate, because, since i^rve read posted to this
list that the song^rs about amy^rs grandmother^rs chair, and knowing she^rd
recently passed away, i wanted to pay close attention.  overall though, the
crowd was quite enthusiastic, attentive and sober.

i don^rt recall if they actually went offstage before fallen in love and refuge
or not.  i think they did very briefly.  the buzzcocks song was fun with amy
and alison jumping up and down.  not only during this song but throughout amy^rs
songs, the butchies added high-quality backing vocals.  amy was mostly backup
on one though she remained center stage.  (i think it was the buzzcocks one).

refugee was hard hitting but not trite, a good rock-n-roll cover as every show
ought to have.  they said goodnight and left the stage.  the lights were still
down and i remembered someone posted they were learning cortez, i waited for
that possibility.  very shortly after amy came out and graciously commented
that that^rs all they know, they^rre learning more.  and that was it.


amy made a comment about the ^sjames bond meets [something or other] music^t the
venue had played.  there was a bit of banter in between songs.  again she made
the comment about going out with a guy about 4 years ago and not being sure if
she wanted him or wanted to be him.  she wrote the song for him.  got a couple
of thanks y^ralls from amy.  pretty smiley and with her longish hair, i was
reminded of her ^suptown lounge^t era look, despite the 10+ years between.  i
almost forgot - at the end amy said "we'll be back" with a definite-ness about
it.  (??)

obligatory fashion report

rose - a sleeveless black dress i believe

the butchies - black t-shirts and pants with red belts.  they did look a little
like devo, now that i think about it :)  for amy^rs set they had white button up
shirts with skinny black ties, and i think each had letters on the back to
spell out ^sg-a-y^t but they didn^rt model.

amy - played in levi^rs and blue butchies shirt


ticket price was $10.  t-shirts cost just $12.  white or blue with ^samy ray and
the butchies^t in red and black.

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date: mon, 16 apr 2001 04:06:43 +1000 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] vancouver show

hey folks,

just a little more on the july 17 ig show in vancouver (previously
venue tba)...  according to, it's at the vogue

this has probably all been mentioned alreday, but tickets for the
seattle, saratoga, anaheim and san diego shows are already
onsale at

=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [a+e=ig]
"we will push on into that mystery
and it'll push right back
and there are worse things than that..."   - dar williams

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