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  [ig-news] late bloom lyrics     [dee yellowlees <>]


date: mon, 15 jan 2001 07:25:42 -0800
from: dee yellowlees <>
subject: [ig-news] late bloom lyrics

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okay guys-here's the real deal...all the lyrics...


i won't be a pawn
we roughed it up when we were young
i won't say, "so much for that,
what do you do when it is done?"

cause i know we grow,
when its over.

i used to dream
with all the force of soylent green.
lazy geese and the weather warm.
oh my life of humidity.

but i know we grow,
when its over.

all that time
i spent walking behind.
i don't mind,
cause now i know.

they ran us out of town.
oh come on,
they cut us down,
raised the flag of the fealty,
oh the life of futility.

but i know we grow,
when its over.

all that time
you were walking the line.
i don't mind,
cause now i know.

we grow when its over,
we grow.

c. amy ray

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