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  [ig-news] extra shirts               [amy swenson <>]


date: fri, 29 dec 2000 08:34:43 -0800
from: amy swenson <>
subject: [ig-news] extra shirts

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  these shirts are for the
netspace list but i'm forwarding this in case anyone here wants
to buy one...]

i have the following extra list t-shirts available:

babydoll: 5
l: 14
xl: 19
xxl: 5

prices are the same - $11 for the babydoll, $12 for the l-xl, $14 for
the xxl, plus shipping. my order form online is still working
(hopefully) at

but here's the deal: i'm moving in 6 weeks and i'd like the shirts out
of here before then. so, i'd prefer paypal for getting the money to me.
it's the quickest and the easiest for me to track. plus, my roommate
doesn't have the best track record for giving me my mail promptly and
i'd rather not have to deal with that right now!

also, i believe paypal is now accepting credit cards and international
orders, so it seems like a more viable option. if you sign up for the
first time, you get a $5 credit, so it can really help with the cost of
the shirt!

if you want a shirt, please enter an order and pay by 1/5/01. the first
people to place their orders get the shirts. i will mail all the shirts
at once the following weekend.

if you placed an order a while back but never paid, consider that order
cancelled and place another order if you really want a shirt.

i do not have any xxxl shirts leftover - i'm sorry! :(

please email me privately with any questions.


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