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date: thu, 14 dec 2000 09:31:19 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: amy ray's solo album

hey folks,

here's the latest official mailer...

- -sherlyn

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date: wed, 13 dec 2000 13:36:43 -0800
subject: amy ray's solo album

hey everybody,

check out the latest news from amy ray--

amy ray of indigo girls to release solo album, "stag"
in-stores on march 6, 2001
tour with the butchies in april 2001

stag is amy ray's (indigo girls) first solo record and is
scheduled for a march 6, 2001 release on her 11 year old,
not-for-profit, independent label, daemon records. this
solo effort reflects amy's southern punk and indie rock
loyalties, and is a departure from her work with the
multi-platinum indigo girls. the ten songs on stag are
newly recorded and were written specifically for this
solo cd.

according to amy, "stag is heavily influenced by the
musicians who helped create it.  the music of bands like
the butchies, the rock*a*teens, and danielle howle is what
truly inspired me to make this record." the durham, nc
indie punk band the butchies are ray's backing band on
half the album and these five tracks were recorded by
chris stamey (the db's). southern gothic punk legends
the rock*a*teens, who have recorded on daemon and merge,
also provide backup on the record. country/folk/metal
heroine danielle howle adds her distinctive vocals on
a couple of tracks. amy's dream-team joan jett, kate
schellenbach (luscious jackson), and josephine wiggs
(the breeders) met up with her in brooklyn, new york
to record the song, "hey castrator". stag was produced
by amy ray and mixed in athens, ga. by david barbe
(macha, son volt, sugar). the song titles are: black
heart today, late bloom, johnny rottentale, laramie,
measure of me, on your honor, lucystoner, lazyboy,
hey castrator, and mtns of glory.

a 2001 spring tour with amy ray and the butchies in
support of stag is planned for late march and early
april. the stag tour will make stops in austin,
orlando, atlanta, dc, philly, new york, boston, ann
arbor, chicago, columbus, louisville, nashville and
other points in between.

the daemon records website is located at
it can be accessed for more information about stag
as well as the entire daemon catologue.

take care,

official store:
official site:

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