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  [ig-news] indigo girl solo album to feature joan jett, kate shellenbach  []


date: sat, 9 dec 2000 21:26:25 -0500
from: sandy <>
subject: [ig-news] indigo girl solo album to feature joan jett, kate shellenbach

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hi all,

found this article from cdnow:

sandy :)

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indigo girl solo album to feature joan jett, kate shellenbach

dec 7, 2000, 9:35 am pt

indigo girl amy ray has firmed up the details of her first solo album,
set for release on
march 6 on her own atlanta-based daemon records.

entitled stag, the album will feature 10 newly-recorded songs written
specifically for the
album. one track, "hey castrator," features ex-luscious jackson drummer
shellenbach, joan jett, and ex-breeder josephine wiggs. durham,
n.c.-based band the
butchies as well as atlanta's rock*a*teens serve as ray's backing bands
on various
tracks throughout the record. the album was produced by ray and mixed in
athens, ga.
by david barbe.

in late march, ray will hit the road with the butchies in support of
stag. stops will include
austin, texas; orlando, fla.; atlanta; washington, d.c.; philadelphia;
new york; boston;
ann arbor, mich.; chicago; lousiville, ky.; and nashville, among others.

here is the track listing for stag:
1. "johnny rottentale"
2. "laramie"
3. "lucystoner"
4. "hey castrator"
5. "late bloom"
6. "measure of me"
7. "black heart today"
8. "mountains of glory"
9. "on your honor"
10. "lazyboy"

- -- kevin raub

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