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this may have been passed around already but for the sake of those who  may
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emily saliers likes:

indigo girls, emily saliers
role: singer, songwriter

the indigo girls have released seven albums for epic records over the
last eleven years, generating over six million in record sales worldwide.
in 1989, this duo of emily saliers and amy ray won the grammy award for
best contemporary folk group. overall, they've received six grammy
nominations. the indigo girl received national attention for canceling an
april 2000 concert in south carolina due to controversy surrounding the
non-removal of the confederate flag flying over the statehouse there.

current albums you like?
filter: title of record on title of record: "they rage as hard as any
band out there, and yet they're introspective in parts of the songs, and
i just love that combination."

classic albums you like?
joni mitchell: hejira
aerosmith: rocks

classic bands you like?
led zeppelin

soundtracks you like?
cinema paradiso

favorite record store? corner cds in atlanta

your biggest musical influences?
joni mitchell
neil young
on joni mitchell: "she's the biggest. she's very influential
because i started listening to her at a pivotal time in my own
development when i was a singer/songwriter and she was so diverse
musically and lyrically. so, i think that she has one of the most
powerful combinations of interesting music and powerful lyrics. she
wasn't afraid to break new ground in her records, even though she caught
a lot of crap for it."

best concert you ever saw? joni mitchell. i just saw her the other night
actually. she's playing with a 72-piece orchestra. but i think my
favorite time i saw her was the time before last when she opened for bob

first concert you ever saw? john denver. that was in atlanta at the omni.
it's so, so, so long ago, like in the '70s.

performance that stands out for you? opening up for neil young many years
ago. basically, 'cause he played - not because of us!

moment in studio that stands out for you? most recently, having joan
osborne come and sing on our record. and, just sitting in the control
room, and having her out in the studio coming up with all these great
parts that fit so well, and i just remember sitting there thinking, "i'm
so thankful t

musical equipment you like? guitar


books you like?
cormac mccarthy: all the pretty horses
chang-rae lee: native speaker & adjust your life
william maxwell: so long, see you tomorrow
jhumpa lahiri: interpreter of maladies on all the pretty horses: "just
because it just has such a language of the southwest."

on native speaker & adjust your life: "one of the most impressive
writings i've read in a long, long time."

on so long, see you tomorrow: "one of my favorite writers. it is very
quiet and midwestern, but the things that he's able to point out about
humanity and human relationships just seem to span all time and culture."

on interpreter of maladies: "it won the pulitzer. i don't even like short
stories and this book just blew me away."

bookstore you like? barnes & noble, mom & pop shops

magazines you like?
the new york times magazine
rolling stone


movies you like?
all about my mother
american beauty
boys don't cry
on all about my mother: "i was just so struck by that
movie because of the acting and because of the uniqueness of the
characters, and it just took you into a whole other world. i thought it
was brilliant."
on american beauty: "i rarely love hollywood movies, but i love that
on boys don't cry: "fantastic. very powerful."

actor you like? kevin spacey

actress you like? hilary swank, chloe sevigny, meryl streep, catherine
deneuve, susan sarandon


current tv show you like? none

classic tv show you like? the mod squad

talk show or host you like? the charlie rose show

radio station you like? npr


artist you like? salvador dali

favorite museum? the salvador dali museum in florida

your favorite city? new york

a vacation spot you like? anywhere on the beach

car you like? bmw, porsche


a person you were exited to meet ? neil young

a person you would like to meet? jesus, joni mitchell

comedian that you like? ellen degeneres

artist you would most like to spend a night with? you mean sleep with?
i'd love to have a cup of coffee with catherine deneuve.


a new clothing company you like? prada

an old school classic clothing company you like? levi's

your favorite brand of sneakers? adidas

favorite mall store? bookstore, music store


a web site you like?

what modern product can you not live without? natural soaps, and candles
& shampoos, and stuff like that.


favorite music to make out to? tori amos

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