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date: wed, 1 nov 2000 09:34:13 +1100 (est)
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] news from official site

hey folks,

since i don't think anybody actually forwarded this in its
entirety, here's the latest news from

- -sherlyn

- ----

indigo girls go to new york

amy and emily are going to be very busy next week! they've just
announced several appearances in the new york city area. would
you like to be a part of it? here's the information...

tuesday, november 7th:
10:00pm -- performance at american indian college fund gala at
the pierre hotel. for tickets call: 212/787-6312 x316 or email:

wednesday, november 8th:
12:30pm -- in-store appearance at barnes & noble at union
square, new york city.

thursday, november 9th:
indigo girls appear live on pure oxygen, on the oxygen media
cable network. check your local listings for exact air-time.
4:00pm-5:00pm est -- emily is doing an online chat with is canada's largest news and information
portal, with sports, business, entertainment, canadian and
international news. log in a little early to be sure you get
7:00pm -- indigo girls appear on the charlie rose show.

=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-= [sydney, australia]
        "we will push on into that mystery
         and it'll push right back
         and there are worse things than that..."   - dar williams

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