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date: thu, 19 oct 2000 11:08:04 edt
subject: [ig-news] stevens point, wi show

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ok,  we didn't get home until 2:30, so this review is gonna be short.

they played (not in any order, believe me)
redemption song
get out the map
gone again
power of two
some ? song about a native women who died in columbia
closer to fine
galileo (with jackson browne)
johnny rotten
chickenman (with some other short song inside of it)
phil. of loss
everything in its own time (is that the actual title of that song? sorry,
haven't listened to sots in a while)
and there was possibly another song, but maybe someone else who went knows.


during the ig's set, amy broke a thumbnail pretty far down.
then the discussed jackson's ability to grow long nails, and amy said, 'he's
a handsome man." and emily agreed.  then amy said "i don't know why i said
that.  weird night."   (:
also, to introduce "go", amy said, "this song is about our southern high
school tour and how they banned us 'cause we're gay.  but the kids were real
cool and came out to free concerts elsewhere, and had signs and protests."

winona laduke's speech made me cry.


amy had on a rhinestone bedecked blue button down shirt.  and those blue
stretchy pants (or maybe jeans, but i don't know.)
emily was especially cute and had on adorable flared bluejeans and a dark
tshirt with a dark open button down shirt.
we heard that amy had her shirt unsnapped pretty far, but we didn't get to
see that.


mel w

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