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date: wed, 18 oct 2000 10:58:56 edt
subject: [ig-news] chicago hte show (long)

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

hey y'all,


all i can say is "i am amazed."  amazed at the entire honor the earth
experience.  the indigo girls rocked as usual, but just being at an honor the
earth show (i missed the entire '97 tour) was an experience that i can't
quite describe.  i have been an hte supporter for years now (and becky, who i
went with, was so into the cause as well), so the show just really tied
everything together for us.

becky and i arrived at the chicago theater at around 4:30pm.  we heard
soundcheck from the lobby.  the sound quality was amazing.  we only heard the
girls' sound check.  they played devotion, nueva senorita, and philosophy of
loss.  awesome.


let's see, the actual many of you know, this year the main issues
at stake are the killing of the buffalo and the transporting of nuclear waste
across the midwest and then just dumping it onto native land. pretty sick,
right?  annie humphries opened up.  she was very good.  i had not really
heard of her before hte.  she is a native american out of the minneapolis
area.  lovely voice, and her strong spirit was a wonderful addition to hte.

david crosby was up next.  so funny.  and talented.  he made a comment that
he had barrowed emily's guitar (sulli was also teching for david.  she coined
him as an "honorary lesbian."  that was funny.) so he had to be really
careful.  then, something blew.  so he continued the song totally "sound
free."  no guitar.  just him singing acapella.  wow.  afterwards, the sound
was fixed, and he continued his set.  later, he invited emily up to do a song
with him.

after david, there was an intermission.  we were reminded to fill out our
action cards and give them to the card collectors in the lobby.

after the intermission, the girls played "redemption song."  then they showed
a the a movie.  the movie was so powerful.  ulali sang in the background to a
series of images, many of them hard to view.  after the movie came the
speakers, one of the highlights of the show.  winona laduke spoke.  that
woman has it together.  the subjects of the speeches were mainly about the
issues at stake.  but in illinois, they tended to focus on the trasportation
of nuclear waste because illinois is one of the states this stuff will be
transported through.  [...]

anyway...i am digressing.  after the speakers, jackson browne took to the
stage.  i hadn't really heard any of his stuff before, but i thought he
sounded great.  becky and i also liked how he played requests from the
audience.  at one point, he had his guitar all tuned up and ready for a song.
someone yelled out a request (there were a few big time jackson fans there
which just added to the coolness of his set) and he put down his guitar and
walked over to the piano to play it.  i also liked hos political his songs
were.  he played one song which he had written about central america, but can
really be about the united state's policy to any other nation.  (does anyone
know the title of that one?).  at the end of his set, david crosby joined
him.  those two have obviously played many benefits together and had become
friends.  their bond was really cool.

the girls were on after david crosby.  the setlist:  gone again, the wood
song, devotion, love's recovery, chickenman, leaving, shame on you, get out
the map, nueva senorita, galileo (w/ jackson browne), and bury my heart at
wounded knee (with all).  10 songs total.  a great setlist. [...]
before nueva senorita, amy
told a story about how the women in chiapas go to make textiles.  since they
can not stockpile (not enough money), every year, they have to start over.
on their way to leave to make the textiles, it is very dangerous for them.
they often get harassed and even raped.  after hearing that, nueva senorita
takes on a different meaning for me.  oh, and the girls brought carol issacs.
great to see her again.  the girls themselves were really upbeat and chatty.
at one point, they both cracked up.  amy (i think!  but it could have been
emily...i forgot) made a comment how they have been playing together for 20+
years and can still entertain each other.  oh, and amy talked about her
beloved university of chicago coffee cup.  but then she whispered into the
mic "it's really tea."  :-)   the highlights of the set for me were leaving
(and now, unlike berkeley, i actually knew the correct words.  hehe), nueva
senorita, love's recovery, and of course bury my heart at wounded knee
(sounded great acoustically).


anyway, what a great night!  this was one of the best shows i have ever seen,
not necessarily just the girls, the entire experience.  it was so amazing.
[...]  sulli told becky and i that they were probably going to take
about a year off.  amy may tour with the butchies next year, though!

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