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  [ig-news] sioux falls sd boot            [traci drago <>]


date: mon, 24 jul 2000 17:58:22 gmt
from: traci drago <>
subject: [ig-news] sioux falls sd boot

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hey all,

ok, finally my sioux falls show is ready for trade!!!!  i know, i know, it
is about time.  my husband is the technical side, so don^Út look at me.
anyway, those of you who have already expressed interest, you should get a
private email from me.

those who would like a copy but have not yet expressed interest, please do
so now.  also, i would rather do cd boot trades than just sending blank cdrs
but will do both.  i have no boot collection and would like to start
creating one.  i am also interested in getting a copy of the segment of
"before they were rock stars" that is said to have been on the other night.
well, that^Ús it.  here is the setlist for those of you who never saw it.

three hits
peace tonight
you and me of the 10,000 wars
scooter boys
tangled up in blue
i don't wanna know
cold beer & remote control
shed your skin
closer to fine
romeo & juliet
virginia woolf
gone again
least complicated
power of two
get out the map
shame on you
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philosophy of loss
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*  "in georgia nights are softer than a whisper  *
*  beneath a quilt somebody's mother made by     *
*  hand with the farmland like a tapestry passed *
*  down through generations and the peach trees  *
*  stitched across the land"                     *

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