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date: mon, 22 may 2000 08:16:05 edt
subject: [ig-news] charlotte daemon show

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i haven't written a review in quite some time, but the charlotte daemon show
was so wonderful, i thought i'd give it a shot.

amy played an extra long set, due to the fact that one of the bands had to
cancel at the last minute, and also because the other bands were all late.
she called herself the warmup band.   in total, i think she played at least
nine new (or unreleased) songs - seven total in her set, and at least two in
her soundcheck.     we kind of named them on their themes/recurring lines,
but i'm sure these aren't correct:

nueva senoritas
johnny rotten
lucy stoner
black heart
measure of me
bitter fruit
snow in laramie

and in soundcheck with gerard's band - she tried to teach them bitterroot
river (the song she played at the writer's night at eddie's last december),
and then she played another one by herself with the lines "i'm going to miss
being the boy, i'm going to miss being the man".   very powerful songs - all
of them.   the last four in her set were done on electric, and showed us a
side of amy we might not have seen before (especially careless - very *very*
different, in a good way, than anything we've heard before).

then gerard mchugh's new band - ruby mango - played.   very jazzy, cool set.
and amy joined them for thin line, and they decided not to play bitterroot
river, due to time constraints.    then justin hale played next on the
outdoor stage.   after that, the show was moved to the indoor stage, due to
noise ordinances in the neighborhood.

danielle howle & the tantrums were the first to play indoors.  an
exceptionally upbeat set, including an extended blister in the sun.  troy
(drummer of dh & t) was depressed since he didn't get to sing a verse, so he
extended the song, and then amy let the crowd sing a verse.   after that, ph
balance played the final set.   it was a great night of music - and the rest
of the shows can only get better.  if you're in atlanta, nashville,
asheville, or chapel hill, you should definitely try to get to one of them!

and if you need any of the daemon records, they are selling them at the show,
at reduced prices, including the new documentary at $10.    well worth it!!

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