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  [ig-news] (fwd) boathouse show            [sherlyn koo <>]


date: wed, 16 feb 2000 11:20:53 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] (fwd) boathouse show

hey folks,

someone was asking about the boathouse show... i found
this on the newsgroup...

- -sherlyn

- ---begin forwarded message---
>from: (smashmole)
>subject: boathouse show
>date: 15 feb 2000 18:45:42 gmt
>the norfolk show was good. not the best i'd ever seen them, though. they seem
>tired, and not as full of energy, but maybe that's because i'm not used to
>seeing them with no band. a&e&two guitars was a first for me, and it was a
>tami hart opened, talked about her record label, mr. lady. she was quite
>but giggled a lot.
>the crowd at this show just didn't seem into it. that could have something to
>do with the girls' seemingly being tired. i know that when an audience
>get into something, the performer usually has less energy. i mean, yes,
>everyone sung along and all, but there was no dancing, just some swaying.
and i
>was 5 people from the front, so i was in there. the high point of the show
>me was amy forgetting the words to "land of canaan." it got a huge cheer from
>the crowd. other than that, there was a lot of crowd interaction, but i
>quite close enough for that.
>set list as follows:
>i don't wanna know (i think they like playing this at the boathouse - i
seem to
>always see them do it)
>cold beer and remote control
>least complicated
>jonas and ezekial
>shame on you
>peace tonight
>dead man's hill (oustanding!)
>get out the map
>chickenman  (no soc - but they both wailed on the solo parts)
>closer to fine
>hammer and a nail (i loved seeing them pull this one out again!)
>land of canaan
>gone again
>so that's 6 from the new album, 1 from strange fire, 2 from swamp ophelia, 3
>from rites of passage, 2 from shaming, 2 from the self titled, and 1 from
>nomads. maybe the most representative sampling i've ever seen, since sf
and nis
>almost always get forgotten entirely.
>did anyone from the norfolk area happen to catch them on daybreak channel 13
>this morning? and tape it? i love the girls, but my devotion to them is not
>quite strong enough to get me up at 5:30am. :) anyway, i'd love to hear what
>happened from anyone who saw it.

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