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ig-news-digest        tuesday, january 25 2000        volume 03 : number 012

today's subjects:
  [ig-news] acoustic cafe            [sheryl jones <>]
  [ig-news] montreal '94/rev1live bootleg offer  ["lane, tara e." <telane@tr]


date: mon, 24 jan 2000 18:12:32 -0500
from: sheryl jones <>
subject: [ig-news] acoustic cafe

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

don't forget to listen to this week's acoustic cafe.  it is awesome!
live versions of cold beer, peace tonight, ozilline and dead man's hill
as well as some excellent interview material.  the url is:
<>.  you'll need real player.  if you can't
get it on the web, poke around at <> and see if it's
on a radio station in your area.
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sheryl jones
url: <>

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date: mon, 24 jan 2000 14:03:27 -0500
from: "lane, tara e." <>
subject: [ig-news] montreal '94/rev1live bootleg offer

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i'm certifiably nuts.

do not delete this email.  if you miss this, i'm not sending it out again,
you'll have to get it from someone else.

read this entire email carefully before emailing me any questions.

next - if you want cdrs of montreal '94 (an evening with the indigo girls) +
reverse one live, follow these instructions...

only send me one bootleg request per mailer!!  if you are participating in
my other offers, please mail them in separate packages.  if you don't it may
make me miserable, and then i'll have to send my girlfriend to hunt you down
and kill you.
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- -------------------------------
know that when i receive your request, i will get it back to you as soon as
possible.  please be patient.  due to the demand, it may take as many as 8
weeks before you get your discs back.  here's what you do:

you buy 2 blank discs (cdrs, not cdrws).  put them in a self addressed
stamped bubble mailer, with $2 for art and the signed contract (below).  put
that bubble mailer in a big regular envelope. seal it, address it, stamp it
and mail it to me.

        please: do not send me boxes.  boxes don't fit in my po box and i
have to go to the counter to pick them up, which takes a lot of time waiting
in line.  no fiber mailers. some people are continuing to send me these and
they are a pain and destroy disc makers over time.  from now on, if i get
any of these, i'm sending them back to you without a completed boot. fiber
mailers break on the edges of the jewel cases or whatever else, and get all
over the cds and make a mess.  do not send me postage and labels to reuse
your outer envelope.  rest assured all outer envelopes are being recycled, i
just can't spare the extra time to do all this and check postage and
what-not.  do not use two bubble mailers - i mean, you can if you really
want to, but why would you?  save your money shipping on the front end, you
don't need to put a bubble mailer inside another bubble mailer, just use a
regular business envelope for your outer envelope. please remove shrinkwrap
from your blank discs.

        cdr recommendations:  kodak and imation discs are usually gold with
black logos that show through on light parts of cd artwork, so you may want
to make another choice.  i have had trouble with both imation and memorex
discs and would really appreciate it if you choose something else.  tdks are
reliable, but expensive and some have dark logos on some discs.  some
maxell's have freaky colors that show through the middle of the art and look
funny - avoid these colored discs.  top choices for price, reliability and
non-intrusive labelling are: maxell gold, fuji, verbatim, and sony.  note:
i've had great luck with these:
5 pack cdr media in sleeves 74 min 650mb  wbcdr5sl  4.99 - from  they're only a dollar a disc, and you can
just buy the jewel cases at walmart or wherever.  if you anticipate taking
neil or i up on these offers often, it might be worth your time.

        best option:  just send the discs, with no jewel cases.  what you
would do here is carefully place clean, non-fibrous/non-textured/slick
poster board or other slick-stiff paper between the discs (just the little
cdr cover that comes in the jewel case is fine to use, and secure them in
some way (wrap paper around them and tape it) and mail that to me - that way
your jewel cases don't get broken, and i don't have to put the art in the
jewel case, i can just stick it in your return mailer, which is way easier
for me anyhow. this is truly the best overall method in my opinion, and it
even saves you some postage.

here's the contract:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------cut here
i hereby promise not to copy, duplicate, distribute, or sell digital copies
nor will i make any digital bootleg offers of these indigo girls '94
montreal + reverse one live bootleg cds.  i will keep these cds in my
possession and will not give them away.  i will refer all inquiries for
digital copies to the person who supplied my discs, in this case, to tara
lane at  i solemnly swear i will never attempt to profit
from owning these cds.


print name______________________________________

email address____________________________________


- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------cut here
print this out in its entirety and fill it out, including it in your
mailing.  if you don't have a printer, you may handwrite it out in its
entirety.  requests sent without this signed form will be returned to
sender, no exceptions. note that i really don't want you giving these out as
presents.  if you'd like to make this a gift, print out this email, give it
to the person in a wrapped box, have them fill out the form, and you take
care of the details for them.  i don't care how you handle it as long as the
owner of the discs has filled out this form.

note that i say you can't make digital copies.  there has been some
confusion in the past about adding this to people's trade lists, and if you
want to make analog, cassette copies of these to trade, that's fine by me as
long as you don't profit.

mail the sase, discs, contract, and $2 for art to me at:

tara lane
po box 11305
richmond, va  23230

again, please be patient, and i'll have your discs back to you as soon as
it's humanly possible.

here's the tracklist:

disc one:
least compl
dead man's hill
center stage
wood song
mystery (w/ jane siberry)
this train
kid fears
prince o dark

disc two
lang/kiss (w/jane)
touch me fall (10 min ext. version)
galileo - live radio perf
least comp - live radio
gotm - live radio
reverse one live:
land of can
love of the common people
crazy game
kid fears
mona lisas & mad hatters
american tune

(though the original version of montreal '94 contained additional live
tracks, these are already available on neil's attack of the killer b-sides,
so they were left off of these discs.  instead, i've placed r1l to fill out
the 2nd disc, and left off the studio versions of c2f and kid fears that
were on the original r1l - because you all have these on the regular epic
self-titled release.)

all of this is acoustic duo music.  montreal '94 was graciously provided by
sabrina parker.

take care everyone,

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end of ig-news-digest v3 #12

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